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Thrust area, Potential & Problems

Thrust Areas

• Natural Resource Management.
• Crop management Practices.
• Horticulture & Vegetables Crops.
• Integrated Plant Protection Techniques.
• Implements & Farm Machinery.
• Women in Agriculture.
• Value Addition & Processing.
• Animal Science.


Potential :

  • Sufficient availability of resources for crop diversification.

  • Low labour cost.

  • Good scope for organic cultivation.

  • Gap in production potential.

  • Easy e- extension in rural areas due to IT revolution in the country.

  • Improving purchasing capacity.

  • Sufficient availability of cow dung, and poultry manure to produce biogas and manure of high quality.

  • Level of improved farm machinery is very low have great potential.

  • Scope exists to increase the returns to farmers by establishing small agro processing units in production catchments.

  • Scope for entrepreneurship development for custom hiring of high capacity and costly farm machinery.

Identified Problems :

  • Lack of high yielding varieties/ hybrids in field crops.

  • Poor seed replacement rate (8 %) & negligible seed treatment.

  • High incidence of insect & diseases.

  • High infestation of weeds in Kharif crops.

  • Imbalance use of fertilizer declining soil health.

  • Lack of soil & water conservation techniques.

  • Low input use efficiency.

  • Slow crop diversification under Horticultural crop and intensification of farming system.

  • Poor adoption of latest technologies at farmer’s part.

  • High post harvest losses (10 – 12 % in grain, 25 – 30 % in vegetable & fruit crop.

  • Poor credit support particularly small & marginal farmers.

  • Weak transfer of technology system.